Our Company

PT Armor is a customer-focused producer of ballistic resistant vests (soft body armor). Our lineage in the production and development of armor dates back over two decades. We currently produce armor for numerous government agencies, local law enforcement, and military special forces units. We have serviced these clients by not only offering unparalleled customer service, but by offering a product with the highest level of quality. The employees of PT Armor are proud of the many achievements and contributions we have made in the field of body armor. Our team is dedicated to engineering custom-built products to keep you safe.




We feel that one of the most important aspects of body armor is the fit. We believe the proper fit of your vest is as important as the threat level itself. If the vest is not comfortable then the armor will not be worn on a regular basis. This is why PT Armor vests are custom fit to each individual’s measurements. You will receive your vest in 4 to 6 weeks and it will fit the first time. If your vest does not fit we will alter it and return it to you within one week at no additional cost.

We at PT Armor want you to know that we care about protecting law enforcement personnel against the threats they face on a daily basis. We feel by offering unmatched customer service, along with custom engineered and designed armor, that we are your best choice for body armor.