Covert Body Armor (CES Style)

Includes Soft Trauma Pad

Our Covert style armor is not only extremely concealable but offers the ultimate in comfort as well. The Covert style armor is an undergarment design that affords excellent torso protection as well as full side overlapping protection without interference with your weapon. Our Covert style covers offer an ergonomic shoulder strap design that eliminates elastic stretch and fatigue. The shoulder strap system aids in preventing ballistic panel printing thru your uniform shirt. Most importantly, the shoulder straps are comfortable and will not dig into your shoulder muscles.

Covert Max

(ES Style) Includes Soft Trauma Pad

The Covert Max style offers all of the benefits of the Covert style armor while providing maximum coverage of the front, back, and side torso.


We understand the importance of comfort and fit with body armor. That is why we truly custom fit our vests to the end user. However, general sizing is available upon request.

Covert Categories:

Covert and Covert Max Undergarment Covers: We manufacture our covert covers in a variety of different materials with sweat wicking liners, i.e.: Athletic Mesh, Poly Cotton, and Nylon.

Uniform Shirt Covers: PT Armor has designed an outer cover that looks like your uniform shirt. It simply fits over your uniform shirt so that your sleeves show allowing your department patches to show.

Tactical Covers: We custom design and manufacture tactical covers for both the Covert and Covert Max armor. The tactical covers can be Zipper front (Tac Z) or Side open (Tac S) and include 4 pockets, either modular or sewn on, and agency ID’s. Our Tac Z cover is a true zipper front opening cover that does not require you to split your front ballistic panel.

Running Vest

Custom Fit Armor: We know that body types vary throughout the law enforcement community. Because of this fact, we truly custom fit all of our armor to fit the end user’s particular body type. Custom fitting the armor ensures maximum comfort as well as enhances the ballistic stopping ability. An improperly fit vest is more likely to have penetrations when called upon to stop rounds. However, general sizing is available upon request.


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