Special Ops

Special Ops Body Armor

Each team operates differently and each operator has a different mission. So ask yourself, why should each team member be made to wear the same vest? PT Armor offers custom designed vests and carriers with custom designed pockets to meet your mission specific requirements. We will manufacture end user defined carriers for each individual operator at no additional charge.

SWAT Style

PT Armor’s SWAT units are made for police, military, and other specialized units where the operator needs to carry an array of equipment which must be readily available. The SWAT style units provide maximum torso and upper body coverage. Each SWAT unit is equipped with front and back pockets to hold hard armor plates for protection against rifle fire. The SWAT units are equipped with a groin protector, collar system, throat protector, and upper arm protection.

Tactical Style

Our Tactical style armor is designed with slightly less chest and arm coverage than the SWAT style to allow for better arm and shoulder movement. This style also can be equipped with the same accessories as the SWAT style above.


  • Helmets
  • Plates
  • Blankets
  • Bed Rolls
  • Shinguards/Groin/Throat/Collar/Shoulder Accessories

SpecOps Style

The SpecOps unit is designed for the team that values speed and mobility over maximum coverage. It is designed to cover the vital areas of the chest and upper torso without inhibiting movement. The chest is scooped for better arm movement when shouldering weapons or climbing. As with our SWAT and Tactical styles, this unit can be fitted with the same accessories.


We understand the importance of comfort and fit with body armor. That is why we truly custom fit our vests to the end user. However, general sizing is available upon request.